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We buy houses - Sell Your House Fast In Virginia - In Any Situation

No matter your situation, we will help you sell your house fast in Virginia! We buy houses for cash in any condition or price range for cash. We make it easy to sell your house fast, and you don't have to worry about making repairs. We buy houses Virginia in any condition.

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Any Reason
Inherited Properties
Major Repairs Needed
Heath Issues

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Any Condition
Old, Outdated Houses
New Houses
Storm Damage
Fire Damage
Termite Damage
Full of Stuff or Trash
Major Repairs Needed
Problem Tenants
Unfinished Construction

Sell My House Fast

Any Challenge
Financial Issues
Title Issues
Code Violations
Hoarder Home
Low Equity
Large Liens
Out of area property
Family Matters
Late on Mortgage Payment

No Strings Attached - We buy houses in Virginia with Cash

Have you tried to sell your home, but you've hit some roadblocks along the way? If you've found yourself in this situation, then you've probably turned to a real estate agent. But, this isn't always the best option when you want to save money and you need to get out of your home fast. That's where we step in. We buy houses in Virginia with cash, which means we are able to close quickly. When you work with Aligned Real Estate Group, there's no more waiting around for months for your house to sell. Do you want to know the best part about working with us? There are no hidden fees, closing costs, or appraisals involved. This is why hundreds of happy clients have chosen to work with us. We make the home selling process pain-free! We are not real estate agents, we are professional problem solvers and home buyers, who understand your unique situation and have the flexibility real estate agents don't. Our mission is simple - to provide you with a faster, easier and stress free home selling experience.

Selling Through A Realtor Vs Aligned Real Estate Group

Commissions:6-10% of Sales Price.NONE
Closing Costs:3-4% of Sales Price.NONE - We pay all costs
Repairs:Most realtors will ask for repairs or even the lender will require repairs in order to sell the home. NONE - We pay for all repairs
Time and Carrying Costs:It takes about 3-6 months to sell a house. During this time you will have to pay for taxes, maintenance, utilities, insurance and interest.NONE- We can purchase right away
Cleaning:Your realtor will want a clean show-ready home to present to potential buyers. NONE - We take care of this for you
Packing: Once you sell, you will have to leave the place empty and clean.NONE - You can leave what you don't want behind
Staging: Many realtors require a home to be staged when showing off the home to potential buyers. Meaning a whole lot of decluttering for you. NONE - Not required
Showing:You may have to show your home off 5-30 times to find a buyer. NONE- We can purchase right away
Closing Date:Typically 45-60 days after finding a buyer. On the Date of YOUR CHOICE
Appraisal, and Financing Contingency Most realtors have to finance, so an inspection, appraisal and credit approval are all required.NONE


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